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2014-05-05 On the move.


2014-05-04 -4

Have you been wondering why I’ve been so quiet? All my stamp and card making supplies have been boxed and are in the process of being moved to this new space. Not a fast one day move mind you; a slow agonizing move. One car full at a time. You’ll know when I make my first card in my new space. I’ll be the one cheering! I hope it’s soon.

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  1. 2014/05/05 6:35 pm

    You must be going through withdrawal without creating! Best wishes on the new home!!

  2. Butterfly Sue permalink
    2014/05/05 6:39 pm

    Good luck on the move. It is a good time to sort things out and get rid of things. Lots of work but so worth it. It will take you time to settle in too. Home Sweet Home

  3. 2014/05/11 7:15 am

    What an awesome place to move to!!! I like moving:) Good luck with it. That’s how we just moved, too – one carload at a time, until the big stuff. (Actually, I don’t envy you the move that way. I think it would have been easier to do it all at once.)

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