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2014-03-10 Water Color Asian Butterfly


I’ve really been into watercoloring. I even brought a watercolor project to the March Shoebox meeting. I love the dreamy quality.

After watching a video by Heather Telford I tried the technique she shares. My sample certainly did not turn out as well, but I still like it just the same. I think I used too much water.

2014-03-05 (4)

The verse and butterfly are both images by The Angel Company (TAC). The ferns are two different images the larger one is by Rubber Stampede called Solidago Sprig. The smaller image is by Annette Watkins and only has a number on it; C1054.

I sprayed the finished card with some homemade glimmer spray and dotted randomly with glue and sprinkled some champagne glitter.

2014-03-05 (1)

2014-03-05 (3)

Video courtesy of Heather Telford

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  1. chrissy bornfleth permalink
    2014/03/14 1:21 pm

    I watched the video and I like yours more. I don’t understand why the masking fluid is brushed onto the paper first.

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