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2014-02-19 Watercolored Paint Prints


Today I tried experimenting with watercolor pencils and a water brush. I used the Stampin Up flower and leaves from Paint Prints.

Prior to water coloring I tried to use some masking fluid that I picked up. It didn’t spatter worth a darn. It is thick and spatters about as well as peanut butter. There are no instructions on the bottle other than just painting it on. Are there any painters out there who know about this stuff? The stuff I have is by Daler-Rowney and is Art Masking Fluid. I would appreciate your input.

Now that I was thoroughly disappointed with the masking fluid I moved onto stamping. I stamped the flower first, then masked and added the leaf branches. I colored with the pencils and then dampened them with the water brush. Once that was dry I wet the background and then added some color letting it bleed and blend. While I waited for it to dry I used some the the dirty water from rinsing out my brush and spattered the piece. I also dipped the brush into some iridescent medium and spattered that for good measure. Nothing fixes up my poor attempts better than a little glimmer.

2014-02-13 (1)

When the background was dry I added the sentiment by Rubbernecker.

2014-02-13 (3)

Here is a close up of the flower. This water coloring was done using water color pencils and water brush.

2014-02-13 (4)

and a last look before you go on your merry way. I got the sketch layout for this after I had created the piece. I die cut the shape and then went looking at SplitCoastStampers for something that would fit my watercolor. I found one with Sketch 126. I love having that as a resource.

I added the Cherry Lynn Flourish tucked in behind the piece.

2014-02-13 (2)

Thanks for visiting me today, and if you have any advise for me on the masking fluid, please leave a comment. Maybe I just bought a cheaper brand?

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  1. 2014/02/23 9:15 pm

    Love the watercolor flower. You have inspired me to give it a try. Thanks 🙂

  2. 2014/02/28 1:47 am

    I recently tried some watercoloring but with ink pads smooshed on CD covers and color picked up with a water brush – totally forgot about watercolor PENCILS! Your flowers and leaves are very pretty and the glimmer speckles are so you. I can’t wait for you to see my creation (have to wait for the recipient to acknowledge though). Thanks for reminding me that watercoloring can be achieved in more than one way.

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