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2014-01-01 January Calendar page


The calendar page you see is a project that was started and completed September 2013. This calendar project was made by all of the Shoebox Ladies and two Stamping Friends from Washington State. We each made two pages (or 2 months) in the calendar. Instead of showing them all at once back in 2013, I’ve decided to delay posting until the actual month they were created for.

This month the calendar page was created by me.

2014-01  by bonnie

I took a close up so you could read the verse…and it is oh so true for me. I am again working on another diet. I just hope the new found weight loss doesn’t find me THIS time.
2014-01 b by bonnie

My continuing thanks to Maggi who organizes us each year. She also works hard on collecting, punching, binding and redistributing the finished bound pages back to the players. I look forward to seeing the finished pages each month!

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  1. Sally Lunde permalink
    2014/01/01 2:07 am

    Happy New Year to you!!

    Sent from my iPad


  2. 2014/01/02 10:46 pm

    Very cute page for January Bonnie!! Always love retro looking “moms”, and our everlasting challenge of losing weight!!

  3. Janis Aucoin permalink
    2014/01/02 11:41 pm

    very cute

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