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2013-12-20 Covering up the iris fold blunder


I tried out a challenge to try iris folding. HERE is the template I used.

My iris folding was a lot less then stellar so I ended up decorating to cover up my major blunders.

2013-12-19 (3)

Never having done the iris technique before I can say I probably shouldn’t have started with 6 different colors. To cover up the uneven center I decided to add a circle to the hexagon shape and then make it into a bird house. The bird and matching punch are both my Stampin Up.

2013-12-19 (2)

To cover up some of the unevenness of the border area, I camouflaged with trailing vines, flowers and glittery berries.

2013-12-19 (1)

At least I gave this technique a try. Next time I will make sure the template I print, prints with all of the lines so I can see where I’m supposed to go!

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  1. Lori A-O permalink
    2013/12/20 2:55 pm

    Good save, it looks wonderful and it looks like you meant to make a birdhouse, good job!!

  2. 2013/12/23 2:56 am

    Uniquely beautiful….what a lovely iris folding piece of art…love it. Hugs, Gayle.

  3. Christine T permalink
    2013/12/25 9:21 am

    Great save. Isn’t it wonderful when a mistake turns out so well.

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