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2013-12-08 Hand painted Christmas Tree


Today I watched a video on quickly hand painting a Christmas tree card using water colors.

Video curtsey of

It was really quick to make those cards so I gave it a try. My first problem was that I found out I’m out of Water color paper. I substituted Acrylic paper and I don’t think I obtained the same results. But not willing to give up, here is my start…

2013-12-08 (1)

I didn’t get the veining look that I was interested in due to supplies used so I sprinkled table salt over the wet tree. A lot of it stuck to the paper even after dried, which gave a nice texture.

2013-12-08 (2)

I had spatters all over the painted tree background and still not willing to give up I opted for die cutting and decorated from there.

2013-12-08 (3)

The bow is a double layer and duo color in cream and gold. Topped with a punched snowflake and crystal gem. I finished off embellishing with some home made stick pins made to look like snow balls.

2013-12-08 (5)

I stacked 3-4 of the die cut snowflakes and topped with a crystal gem. I also added some flourishes.

2013-12-08 (6)

And one last look at the finished product; a gussied up hand painted card

2013-12-08 (9)

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