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2013-11-25 Homemade candy dots


Today’s design is a case of a sample I saw last week in one of my groups. I didn’t save the designer’s name, so if this is yours, please let me know so I can give appropriate credit. (The only information I have says Elements 5)

Basically this started out as an experiment. See the dots covering the wax paper? These are dots of fingernail polish. I had heard that you could make your own candy dots as embellishments, so I gave it a try.

2013-11-25 (3)

I put drops of nail polish onto the wax paper and let dry. It felt dry after 2-3 hours and I tried to peal one up. It was rubbery and didn’t lift up worth a darn. I thought this a failed experiment and dropped the dot covered wax paper on my desk and walked away.

I came back to it 2-3 days later and was about to drop it in the trash and decided to see if it pealed up any better….IT DID! They are very delicate and need a tender touch, but you can see that I added them to today’s card.

2013-11-25 (2)

and the full card with a better view
2013-11-25 (1)

I do wonder if it would be easier to just add dots directly to the finished card? I would need to let it sit for a couple of days to make sure that the nail polish dried and cured before mailing.

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  1. 2013/11/25 10:28 am

    What a clever idea!!! I’ll have to see if I have any colors here that would work.

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