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2013-05-12 Happy Mother’s Day to you!


I rarely use the Cricut electronic die cutting machine but when I saw this wonderful card on line, I had to dust off the machine and see if my cutter would cut it out. It is called a “bendy card” and I love their simple elegance. I am happy to say that my cutter did indeed cut out. However; I do think I need a new blade šŸ˜‰ I didn’t really change anything except the size…I made scaled it down to fit on and 11″ piece of white card stock.

2013-05-12 (4)

I used scotch tape and some Art Institute glitter to add color and glimmer to the leaves and flowers.
2013-05-12 (1)

And so you can see the dimension of the card here is an angle view. Aren’t these fun?
2013-05-12 (3)

The file was a free download SVG from Bird’s Cards Blog and can be found HERE. I just recently found this blog and look forward to going through the archives to see what other wonderful designs are there. I thank the designer for sharing the files so freely!

Fine print: In order to cut this design you must have a digital cutter, a software program (ie: make the cut or sure cuts a lot), computer and the downloaded file. Lucky for me I have all of the items thanks to my family and the gifts they have given me!

Edited to add: I made this card about 2 months ago and I am sad to say that my Cricut has since stopped cutting SVG files. šŸ˜¦ However; it still does cut from a cartridge so you will some some Cricut designs in the future.


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