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2012-10-24. October stamp camp card #4


I saved my favorite sample for last. This is the final card that was made at the Stampin’ Up stamp camp last week. The ornament was cut 8 times in 2 different patterns of DSP. Fold each in half and glue to each other making a fan like fold.

2012-10-18 (5)

I really like how this turned out. Here is a close up of the ornament.

2012-10-18 (6)

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  1. lois Skiathitis permalink
    2012/10/24 5:47 am

    I love this card it is so festive. Thanks for telling us how the ornament was made. What type of punch or die did you use for the border on the center panel? Beautiful work Bonnie. Love the silver used as the hanger for the ornament. TFS!!! 😀

    • 2012/10/24 6:01 am

      That is a Stampin’ Up border punch. I’ve got lots of punches, but not this one. always something I don’t have 😉

      • lois Skiathitis permalink
        2012/10/24 2:44 pm

        Thank You Bonnie. 😀

  2. 2012/10/24 2:23 pm

    Love this card by giving the ornament dimension! When you mail it, does the ormanent spring back?

    • 2012/10/24 7:44 pm

      I haven’t mailed one yet however; the poofy flowers have been mailed and the recipients fluffed them and were just fine. So I am hoping these will do the same.

  3. 2012/10/24 4:03 pm

    Just found your blog… and wow… you make some really lovely stuff! Thanks so much for sharing it with us! 🙂

  4. 2012/10/24 5:10 pm

    Hi Bonnie… I’ve seen lots of cards made with this “fan” type of embellishment, but I’ve never tried one. I’m just wondering your opinion of how it would come out if mailed. I can see that you would be able to spread the parts of it and flatten them enough to get it into the envelope, but then is there enough “bounce” to the construction of it so that it would “pop” back into shape when the recipient takes it out of the envelope after it has spent several days making it to its destination? I guess it would depend on the weight of the paper used and maybe the number of pieces glued together (I know you gave the number you used), but my guess is that it would not pop back into shape. I suppose it would be better enclosed in a box for mailing. It is a pretty embellishment, though. I wish all of my cards didn’t have to go through the mail. I don’t like to send a card to someone that will need “adjusting” when it arrives… none of the people I send cards to are paper crafters so they’d probably just think I had sent them a less than perfect card. My perfectionism won’t allow me to do that! LOL!!!

  5. 2012/10/25 5:44 am

    Just adorable! Im wondering if I can do this technique with a star, snowflake, and it come out that good!

    • 2012/10/25 6:11 am

      I think that the design would have to be the same on both sides when folded in half? Although uneven sides if there are enough layers would probably look nice too. 🙂

  6. 2012/10/26 2:15 pm

    This is a wonderful card, thanks for this idea!!

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