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2012-10-10 Spellbinder’s Lace Doily Motif Snowflake Ornament


Starting with only these supplies I was able to make a lacy looking snowflake.

2012-10-10 (2)

I took the large square from the Lace Doily set and cut two of them. I ended up removing one corner of one of them in order to make a round snowflake. I scored with my Scor-Pal, pinched and glued so that there were raised sections between the large points. This gave the snowflake stability.

2012-10-10 (4)

I added some tulle and Christmas tinsel tucking them down to the center of the snowflake. On top of that I added a rosette that had the edge punched with a Martha Stewart border punch. I didn’t worry about lining up the scoring with each peak. There is so much going on no one would ever notice anyway 😉 I added a fancy gold button to the center and glued everything down.

2012-10-10 (1)

I only had indoor/outdoor ribbon on hand and it is a pain to try and tie a bow with but I made do. Here you see me holding the finished snowflake ornament up. Forgive the sweater/sweatshirt. I work in a basement and it is c-o-l-d down here. I also didn’t have any way to hold up the ornament and get a good picture, so my arm it was.

2012-10-10 (3)

I’ve been working on this a few days and kept setting it aside as it did not look like it was going to turn out at all. I guess a rosette and tinsel can fix anything?

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  1. Kay Carlson permalink
    2012/10/10 7:49 am

    VERY pretty, Bonnie! I always love to see what new creations you make 🙂

  2. lois Skiathitis permalink
    2012/10/10 8:00 am

    It is just beautiful Bonnie. This makes for a great house decoration or an ornament on the tree. I agree that your accessories add lots of interest. Very nice work Bonnie. TFS!!! 😀

  3. 2012/10/10 12:59 pm

    Very prety ornament! Love how you used the square doily to make a round ornament!

  4. 2012/10/11 7:29 am

    The bow looks great! So does the ornament, thanks for sharing.

  5. 2012/10/11 8:54 am

    so creative and lovely!

  6. 2012/10/11 11:10 am

    nice. great to use what you have

  7. Maggi G permalink
    2012/10/11 5:04 pm

    Very clever! I’m looking forward to SU next week – I think we are making an elaborate ornament.

  8. 2012/10/15 6:20 am


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