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2011-09-28 September Shoebox Gathering – Bonnie


Project #2 from the September Shoebox Gathering was brought to the group by Bonnie (ME!) I found this cute project on-line and have attached the video below.

I cut out an assortment of 2 sided DSP that the ladies could choose from.
By using 2 sided scrapbook paper, the inside will look nice too. This 1st one was made as the prototype. I put the one and only stamp I used (Stampin’ Up) right in front of the purse so you could picture the size…it will hold 4 nuggets of Chocolate, a fun size candy bar, or maybe…a mini lotion, lip balm, perfume?

2011-09-26 001

This 2nd purse is the one that I made as a demonstration for the Shoebox night. Thank goodness for Jane who helped me re-figure out the origami fold!
2011-09-27 007

This cute little project goes together in a snap. The only tricky part that I found I needed to watch and re-watch to get it right, is the origami fold pleat that forms the bottom of the purse. I’m so glad there is video for this, I would have never gotten this with photos!

2011-09-27 006

Before you watch the video, get out these supplies so you can follow along
1-6×6″ card stock or scrapbook paper; preferably 2 sided (print or color on both sides)
2 each of 3 1/2″ long x 1″ wide
2 each of 7″ long x 1/4″ wide

And the scoring directions on the 6×6″ is as follows:
Score at 1 1/4″, flip 180° and score again at 1 1/4″
flip 90°, score at 2 1/2″, flip 180° and score again at 2 1/2″

now go watch the video and see how the fold is pleated to make the bottom section!

video courtesy of

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  1. Dee in N.H. permalink
    2011/09/28 5:51 am

    That is super cute! I loved hearing your voice and the directions were perfect!

  2. lois Skiathitis permalink
    2011/09/28 7:27 am

    This is so cute Bonnie, it’s such a neat gift idea too and for any of the holidays. Just change the DP. Good job Bonnie and thanks for sharing the video with us. You know the shoebox gathering is always my favorite. TFS!!! 😀

  3. 2011/09/28 7:47 am


  4. 2011/09/28 10:32 am

    Bonnie this is adorable and perfect for little treats or gifts. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Penny Wessenauer permalink
    2011/09/28 12:24 pm

    Brilliant Bonnie!! Thanks a million!

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