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2009-10-11 Encaustic Art?


Ever hear of Encaustic Art? Here is a link to some video’s so you can see some really great backgrounds using melted wax!

This past week I was cruising SplitCoast’s Gallery and clicked on some cards and some of them turned out to have encaustic backgrounds. I looked at the website, but seriously I don’t have money for special wax. I’ve been out of work for nearly a year. So, next best thing is to get a cheap box of crayons from Wally-world and pull out my craft iron and see what happens.


The thing I found on on the very first try is that you MUST use glossy paper/cardstock or this plain won’t work.

Here I am rubbing a crayon on the hot iron. I had a dickens of a time trying to hold the hot iron and take a picture at the same time.

2009-10-11 (2)

Here are a couple of samples of just rubbing the iron around. I continued to add more crayon/wax to the iron as needed.

2009-10-11 (4)

And just because I was playing; I tried a scenery background. In the demonstration video’s they stamp a silhouette image 1st, then add wax over the top. So I’m not sure if I can stamp on top of the wax and have it stick. Looks like I’ll have to give that a try next.

2009-10-11 (6)


Edit to add: I used the orange-brown background to make this card.

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  1. 2009/10/11 6:32 am

    Wow! That is amazing! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Elaine Allen permalink
    2009/10/11 12:25 pm

    Bonnie –

    These are really neat. Love them – I love the landscape, but I am also partial to the image with the gray and purple crayons. Thank you for sharing with us.

    Elaine Allen

  3. 2009/10/11 12:41 pm

    Wow, that looks great!

  4. 2009/10/11 1:14 pm

    That is so wonderful, all the photos are awesome and all with just crayon the last photo was so cool as is.You are so talented great eye for color. Thanks for sharing will have to give it a try.

  5. karen permalink
    2009/10/11 4:06 pm

    How awesome is that?! Special wax? who needs that, the crayons are great! I don’t have a craft iron. Oh no!

  6. 2009/10/12 7:03 am

    I will definitely have to get a craft iron and try out this technique. I absolutely love the scenery that you did and the other backgrounds look really great and fun to use too!

  7. Janine permalink
    2009/10/13 6:48 pm

    That is amazing!! I would have never in a million years thought this was done with crayons unless I had read this post. Absolutely beautiful!!
    How in the world did you clean the iron after that? Sorry, probably a stupid question but I’m new to all of this….. 🙂

    • 2009/10/14 9:13 am

      Janine: No not a stupid question at all. Actually, I wondered the same thing. I watched the video’s at and they said all you needed to do was to rub the iron on a piece of card stock or wipe it with a paper towel. I doubted this, but it worked just fine.

      • Janine permalink
        2009/10/14 10:43 am

        Thank you so much for the reply!! Wow….just a piece of card stock or paper towel….wish everything was that simple to clean 🙂 Thanks again!!

  8. Linda SImmons permalink
    2009/10/15 6:41 pm

    Wonderful, thank you so much for sharing. I enjoy your site so much, Have a wonderful and blessed day.

  9. 2010/05/17 4:23 am

    Gosh, your card is beautiful. TFS!! Love this technique, must get out that craft iron and give it a whirl! Great use for Glossy CS… Unfortunately, probably couldn’t mail one of these cards in Florida in the summer 🙂


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