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2009-08-24 Sculptured paper meets the Haiku Bunny


Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while. Working on some projects, issues and other “stuff”. But I did stop to make a card and take photos as I went so you can see how I did it.

Sculptured Paper
I bought a craft book (Creative Crafts you can do in a Day printed by North Light Books) from a Local Stamp Store (LSS). It had an entire chapter devoted to MaryJo McGraw on different backgrounds she had created. One of them was Sculptured Paper. She started with gesso being painted on, of all things a paper towel. I didn’t have gesso, but I do have lots of acrylic paint. I took photos of actual products in the samples so you could see exactly what I used.

Step 1: I used aluminum foil for my scratch paper, but anything could be used. I painted a base coat of antique white using a foam brush.
2009-08-01 (01)

Step 2: The instructions say to start in the middle and work to the edges. I added more paint as I felt the brush get dry. Let paper towel dry.
2009-08-01 (02)

Step 3: Add your base color. Paint it on exactly the same way as described above. Let dry.
2009-08-01 (03)

Step 4: Add a 2nd color. Let dry.
2009-08-01 (04)

Step 5: Here is where I also differed from the instructions. During the previous steps crystal effects was also added as an additive mix with the paint. I didn’t want to waist my crystal effects on a 1st try effort. Instead I used what I add on hand to give further effect. Here I used 3-d paint. I had a couple of different kinds and just played. Then for good measure I also sprinkled silver Pearl-X over the sheet. Let dry.
2009-08-01 (05)

And here is what I did with a scrap of the sculptured paper. I made a card using Hero Arts Mountain Hare. But I must also mention that this same image is better known as the Haiku Bunny. I’ve been looking for it for ages and I have to thank my stamping buddy Sylvia in New Mexico for finding it for me.
2009-08-10 (2)

I made a tiny tassel from silver metallic sewing thread. Don’t try this till after you’ve had your coffee. It was seriously like working with spider webs with the difference being that it was slippery and skidded everywhere while I tried to secure it. I took a need and sewed the pattern onto the bunnies scarf. The little shinny dots are crystal effects. I should have also added some flower soft to the flowers on the bunny butt. Maybe next time!

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  1. 2009/08/24 2:48 pm

    Cool background – awesome card. Welcome back!

  2. Marita permalink
    2009/08/24 7:43 pm

    Very interesting background technique. It turned out very well. May have to give this one a try.

  3. Patricia Dolinsek permalink
    2009/08/24 8:33 pm

    Bonita Bonnie! I can’t wait to try this one and share this with my stamping friends!

  4. Robin permalink
    2009/08/24 10:24 pm

    What a beautiful card! That background looks absolutely lovely but that tassle and sewing you did on the bunny is stunning!

  5. Mary-Jane permalink
    2009/08/25 12:19 am

    Glad to see you back creating! Lovely card!

  6. 2009/08/25 5:40 pm

    Whew! It’s a simply gorgeous card and worth all the effort plus I’m guessing you have enough paper left to do another card or two. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Billie Anderson permalink
    2009/08/25 8:02 pm

    So glad to see you back, have missed your gorgeous cards and seeing what you would come up with. Your always a surprise and love what you do.

  8. karen permalink
    2009/08/26 10:15 pm

    Frist thing that Billie told me today when I called her is that Bonnie is back! Glad to see your wonderful work! keep up the good ideas!


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