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2009-05-13 Practicing my one-stroke leaves


Last weekend I had some extra time to relax at the cottage. I have a small bag of some “extra” supplies and sub-standard brushes that I left there to play with for a rainy day. It was pretty cool and rainy last Saturday afternoon so I got out the supplies and laid them out on a table.

I had started block painting a canvas kit last week. I set it aside to dry and then got the jitters when it came time to really paint something on it. In all reality I can only paint a rose bud and an occasional nice looking one-stroke leaf. So I sat down to just practice leaves.

You can see I just tore a sheet of practice paper into quarters. This is all I had in the bag with me. It is from a pad of paper made especially for painting on with acrylic paints. Then I took a kitchen sponge and dabbed it into yellow ochre and umber brown. I swirled the sponge across the whole 1/4 sheet to cover it with color.
2009-05-09 (2)

I painted a bunch of them because I know that these sample leaves will probably be turned into greeting cards. I can trim off the part I don’t like; mat the piece; and add stamped words for a unique hand painted greeting card.

Here you can see one of the samples. After swirling on the background color, I took olive green and white (double loaded onto a #12 flat brush) and began to paint a vine. Next I added the two bigger scallopped leaves, lastly the one-stroke leaves.

After a few more practice sessions; maybe I’ll be ready to add some vines & leaves to the block painted canvas.

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  1. 2009/05/13 2:42 pm

    oooooh….these came out nice..I sure would use them as cards…
    first time here, I think

  2. 2009/05/14 9:14 am

    Very cool, Bonnie – nice job!


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